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Ohme Home Pro

7kW charging speed
Ohme Home Pro EV Charger
Connection Types
Tethered Type 2
Ohme’s latest home EV charger, featuring an interactive LCD screen, displays live charge data and gives drivers the option to control their charging from the charger itself. Ohme could save UK drivers £275-£350* a year compared to a standard smart charger. Sometimes, Ohme customers can even get paid to charge!
Built in 3G/4G
Built in PEN Fault Detection
Charge Scheduling
Built in Active Load Management
Installation Price
*Price includes Standard installation and VAT
Available Colours
Upto 7kW charging
The charger can charges on 1 phase and supports charges unto 7kW. It has a Type 2 tethered charging cable which makes it suitable for charging all types of Type 2electric vehicles
Integrated open PEN conductor protection
The new Ohme Home Pro has built in open PEN product which means there's no longer a need for an earth rod, or external device to be installed.
Integrated 4G in each box, free subscription included for the first 3 years
The Ohme Home Pro's are connected to the internet with integrated 4G*. That means you don’t have to worry about having wifi coverage in your garage. *Assuming 4G coverage is available.
OZEV Grant Eligibility
When supplied and installed by an OZEV certified company using OZEV accredited installers like EVC Experts (HAS Electrical Ltd), OZEV offers 30% off the Ohme Home Pro EV charger price and installation cost. There has never been a better time to upgrade to a dedicated home charging station.
Technical Specifications
Charging Power: 7kW
Compatibility: Tethered Type 2
Dimensions:  170mm / 200mm /100mm
Weight: 4kg
Manufacturers warranty:  170mm / 200mm /100mm

Ohme Home Pro Installation

A standard installation usually takes around 3-4 hours.

We will need access to your property with a responsible person over 18 years old.

All of our units require a WiFi connection unless you choose a model with 3g/4g.

If you live in an area where your mobile phone signal is weak, please ensure your Wi-Fi password is ready and accessible so we can connect our units to your home Wi-Fi unlock the smart features for you.
See our full Ohme Home Pro standard installation terms

Our accreditations.

*HAS Electrical Ltd T/A EVC Experts holds all accreditations